The complete equipment suitable for mass production of 3 pcs. slates for US market and 1 pc. slates as well, consists of the following items (each with indication of the respective motors and electrical requirement, and the manufacturer’s name of the key machines is in CAPITAL, BOLD letters):

1. dimensional saw machine by BISSO: two motors of 22 KW each, plus one of 3 KW;

2. robot by PROTEC for transferring sawn slate to finishing machines: one motor of 3 KW;

3. grinding machine nr. 1 by BISSO for backside: one motor of 75 KW plus one of 2,2 KW;

4. slate turning machine: three motors of 0,75 KW;

5. multi-head pocket drilling machine by BISSO: six motors of 3 KW each, plus one of 1,5 KW, plus one of 2,2 KW plus two of 0,75 KW each;

6. multi-head drilling machine by CMS for drilling all holes at one time, complete with:

Motors are 0,75 KW for each drill: therefore the total of the KW varies from 30 holes of 7’ and 8’ K pattern (US style) up to 40 holes for 9’ Canadian pattern. In addition to the above there is one motor of 4 KW.

7. grinding machine nr. 2 by BISSO for topside: one motor of 55 KW plus one of 2,2 KW;

8-9. slate rinsing and drying machine: one motor of 4 KW plus two of 0,5 KW, plus one of 3 KW and ca. 20 KW of infrared heaters;

10. all conveyors necessary to make the line work properly: eight motors of 0,5 KW each.

ALL MACHINES: 400 Volts and frequency 50Hz (fifty).



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