Something which every billiard manufacturer takes for granted is a perfect slate playing surface.Actually, the fun of a good game for a skilled player is seeing the ball rolling smoothly and in astraight line where it is intended to go.

This result is achieved by using a top quality slate bed as a playing surface, which has been finished with the most up to date machinery, so as to obtain the flatness and smoothness required bybest known table manufacturers.

In terms of performance no substitute has been found for Italian slate. Slate does not pop out of a mountainside cut to size and complete with a smoothly floated surface and six pocket holes.

There is a long process before achieving this and we will try to show and explain it to you as accurately as we can.Italian slate is quarried from vast underground layers.

The slate veins lie between two sandstone layers called the "roof" and the "floor".Quarrying begins with opening holes in the mountainside where the slate veins appear to be.

These holes are dug out using explosives, until large enough for quarrying machinery to enter.


The interior of one of the largest operating quarries.



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