Slate finishing is a multi-step process


The first step is that of placing the blocks beneath the gang-saw cutting machines. Each gang-saw utilizes 30 to 65 of the long diamond-teeth blades, depending on the thickness of the slabs. It cuts either blocks up to 9 feet (approximately cm 280) long and up to 5.1/2 feet (approximately cm 170) wide, or alternatively, two smaller blocks.The thickness of the slabs at this stage is about1/8" (mm 3) thicker than the desired thickness of the finished product.



After a first curing period the raw slabs are cut to the exact size desired by a computerized sawing machine.  Both sides of each batch of slabs are cut at the same time by a couple of rotary blades, so as to ensure a perfectly straight cut.



The trimmed slabs are now assembled together into a complete set in order to fix the dowels, drill screw holes and the bolt holes for the full size.



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